Hey, It's Miranda From Mass Effect 2!

Sure, she's not Yvonne Strahovski, the actual actress behind Mass Effect 2's Miranda Lawson, but Polish model Jessika F is doing a pretty good job nonetheless in this cosplay photo shoot.

Put together by Dark Stars Photography, this is a great shoot. And I'm not talking about the lady clad in spandex. I'm talking about the effort that's gone into the role-play, the photoshopped combat and even the fact they found a location that looks like somewhere Miranda and Commander Shepard could actually share a quiet lunch.

You can see a few of the shots here, but the full gallery over on Dark Star's Flickr page is definitely worth checking out.

Miranda Cosplay [Dark Star, via Super Punch]


    .....i approve of this.

    It's like Mass Effect in reality only Miranda is actually attractive.

      Agreed. I probably would've let her in my party at some point if she looked like this.

    would've been hotter if it was yvonne.

    Above average effort Dark Star. Her omni-tool is a little small though. If you want to get down to brass tacks...

    I wouldn't mind shooting up the Galaxy with her ;)

    My hormones... can't... stop... too... awesome!

    Okay maybe I'm being a little critical, but the suit has to be tighter around the boobies , More time plz !! never a bad thing

    Oh puh-lease, she looks like she just left a Zoo mag shoot. I suppose that's the kind of lady that guys are into these days. Definitely not my type. Neither is Miranda in the game despite her awesome booty.

    I'm Commander Shepard, and this is my favourite cosplay on the Citadel.


      LMFAO! I actually laughed so hard the people on the train thought I was smoking some badd stuff :p

    Hands down better then the ingame miranda , i dont know where they went wrong in the game but this is how i pictured miranda in real life. even though yvonne is the real miranda she sure as hell didnt look like this in the game .

    visuals in this shoot are sick

    Very good, but (and I know I'm nitpcking here) I don't like the wrinkles in the front of the suit. FULL LATEX BABY!

    Wow both ugly!

    The pockets in the pants look wrong; but she is definately far prettier than in game Miranda.

    would have been better with yvonne strahovski. talk about smokin' hot that one, especially in her role in the tv show chuck. excuse me while i drift off nto a fantasy...

    Australian accent fail in 3, 2, 1...

    In the grim darkness of the far future there is only hexagon clothing.

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