Hey, There's A New Heroes Of Might & Magic Game!

Only, this time, it's not called Heroes of Might & Magic. It's called Might & Magic Heroes.

Don't be too confused; underneath the name change it's the same old series, and even retains its numerical order, this game being called Might & Magic Heroes VI.

Kicking off 400 years after the last game, it's got a new developer (Black Hole), and... that's about where the "new" stuff ends, the game happy to stick with the same blend of turn-based and real-time strategy that's got it to a sixth game in the series.

Might & Magic Heroes VI will be out on the PC in 2011.


    heros of might and magic II.
    that was the first heros game i ever played and it was dam fun.
    not only was it the first game i ever liked it was the first one i finished.
    it was my fav game in the series i played heros 3 but it was lacking and i haven't played any since

      It says heroEs FIVE times on this page, how did you miss the E?

      Some gameplay footage would have been nice - It's fully 3D modelled now isn't it?

    New developer on an old franchise? Boooo!

      There is absolutely no chance that teams that made the early games in this series still work together. So this is better than nothing!!

    I want a new M&M game, one with multiple party members and an epic adventure. IMO the heroes series peaked at 3 and sharply dropped after that. More main franchise please!

      ^ This

      I spent several, of what probably could have been productive, hours of my life exploring Xeen.

    Geniuses of innovation at work here...

    I was looking up HoMM just the other day wondering if there was anything new after number 5!

    2 was good, 3 was grand, 4 was different with heroes being more active units, 5 was more like 3 with prettier graphics.

    Interesting to see what the new guys come up with!

    Yeah I kind of feel like 3 was the best of the series. I think they had all the gameplay right in that one, it just needs a little expanding to keep it interesting. Also a nice tutorial on battle tactics would be good, the fights could actually get quite complicated when playing at high levels

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