Hit The Campaign Trail With Halo: Reach

Earlier this week, Stephen Totilo spent a day with Halo: Reach's singleplayer and brought back loads of impressions and details. But no video. That was for Gametrailers, which made the game's campaign the centerpiece of its latest episode.

We've embedded the entire episode because the Halo-specific chapters haven't been broken out. There's a bunch of stuff you may have already heard; but it's all voiced over a lot of gameplay footage.

Bungie community manager Brian Jarrard points out that there's not much of a gap between the story of Halo: Reach and the one picking up with Halo: Combat Evolved. It'll be interesting how many are motivated to go back into Halo: CE and play this game. I'm sure camps will inevitably divide into whether the games should be played in release order or narrative order.

[via GameTrailers]


    play like bob said

    "I’m sure camps will inevitably divide into whether the games should be played in release order or narrative order."

    Eh, as far as I'm concerned, as long as the game doesn't contain any spoilers for anything in the preceding games, I say narritive order.

    For example, the book "Contact Harvest", even though it takes place before the first game, reveals the truth behind the Forerunner, their connection to the humans, and why the Covenant wants to wipe humans out (instead of absorb them like every other race). All of these things you're not supposed to find out until the end of Halo 3.

    Hence, I'm not letting my gf read it until we finish Halo 3. =P Same will go for Halo Reach if it contains any such spoilers.

    Release order. It would suck to have all the pretty graphics and cool weapons and vehicles then have to go back to the xbox era graphics and clunky gameplay.

    I just finished Halo CE last week on the 360 and it was a tough slog. I'm sure it was awesome 10 years ago but the framerate on the 360 was terrible.

    Remember the good times, but don't go back :)

      Really? Were you playing co-op?

      I find the framerate to be fine unless I'm playing co-op. And even then it only slows down in big firefights with lots of enemies and explosions and effects flying around.

      I still enjoy it just as much as I did back in the day. =D


      I get annoyed at the people that cling to past games. Sure there was some great games in the past, but they weren't THAT great that you should stay in the past. Appreciate what the world has to offer in the present and future instead of getting bogged down in childhood memories.

      Just an opinion, not a random swipe at Nintendo fans...

      (Oh snap!)

        I see what you did there xDD

        I enjoy going back once in awhile just to get my fix of retro-ness, it's always fun to screw around with a couple of friends.

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