'Hot Piece Of Ass' Busts Boss For FarmVille Obsession

Young woman has job. Boss calls young woman "hot piece of ass". Young woman quits, uses dry erase board to fire back. Boss, it seems, loved playing FarmVille during work hours too much.

This is a story told in photos. A sampling:

Check out the whole thing.

Girl quits her job on dry erase board, emails entire office (33 Photos) [The Chive]


    Wow does that even work? I mean... can you abbreviate it to HPOA and then put an 's on the end of it?

      I jest, good on her.

        Pretty little thing like her can do whatever she likes.

        Note: the above comment is made with tongue planted firmly in cheek and assumes a working understanding of ironic sarcasm. If you experience any headaches, high blood pressure or burning sensations after reading this comment, consult your healthcare professional.

    She is a hot piece of ass!

      I won;t be so sexist as to say "hell yeh"..

      ...but goodness is she ever hot! :P lol


      ...i actually feel neglected.. not once has my boss, or any past boss, referred to me a a hot piece of ass... :(

      She's not that hot... she should be psyched that she was getting hit on

      ...also, why isn't she in the kitchen.

      Shes freaking stunning, her boss was at least right about that.

    Why did she get changed for the last photo??

      Probably too emphasize the "Hot piece of ass" part of the sign. Well played too haha

    This seems like a really childish way to go out. Its probably best her name doesnt go public. The last thing she wants is someone googling her and seeing her rip into her last boss after quitting.

      I'd hire her, and not because she's original (because she's not).

        Well unless you want to hire her as an actress I doubt she'd work for you because that's what she is. This is fake.

    This story is like one of Dave Chapelle's "When Keeping it Real Goes Wrong" sketches. ;)

    Two weeks later, Jenny lived happily ...as a stripper.

    Call me silly but if a boss calls an employee that wouldnt you take it as a compliment?
    its not sexual harrassment or anything.

    meh, feminism is taken too far nowadays, you cant even compliment someone without being defamed on the internet...

    Chive.com confirmed this to be a hoax they set up today.

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