How 3D On The 3DS Actually Works

Not sure how 3D on the 3DS works? Let Hoagie from Day of the Tentacle explain.

While some of you may already know the technical background behind the 3DS' glasses-free technology, this video is still worth watching, because it gives you a few great examples of "cross-eye" 3D (including game footage), instances where you can cross your eyes while viewing two images to form a third, 3D picture.

A warning, though: too much cross-eye hurts, which is the price you pay for getting that 3DS effect without the 3DS.

How the 3DS Works [Kombo]


    Did he just Jedi Mind Trick me at the end there?

    Interesting video. I can't wait until I try the 3DS for myself :D

    Well explained video.

    Want. The. 3DS. NAOW!

    Someone should have filmed the 3DS with two cameras 3 inches apart, which would have picked up both images. Then, people sitting at their computers could actually see the 3DS in action by proxy.

      Only if the image is sent in such a way that the receiver can reconstruct it properly on a 3D device for the viewer, assuming the viewer OWNS a 3D device.

      Doesn't matter how they record it, if you want to see the 3DS's 3D properly, you a 3D output at your end.

        I suspect ollycity meant the using the cross-eye effect.

        In other news I was expecting Hoagie and was palmed of to this inferior substitute.

    All very interesting, but I'm surprised he was able to get footage of the 3DS in action. One of the things I most remember from media reporting on the 3DS during and shortly after E3 is that no one was being allowed to point their cameras at the screen.

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