How Many Games Can You Identify In A Pinch?

You may think you know a lot of video games. You may even think you could name hundreds of them from a single screenshot. Time to put that knowledge to the test!

Dom2D's Geek Mind challenge presents you with a seemingly never-ending cascade of screenshots and game art, challenging you to type the name of the game as swiftly as possible. Do it fast enough and your time builds alongside your points tally; respond too slowly (or incorrectly) and not only will you be covered in shame, but you'll lose points and time. Lose all of either and you're out.

There's a great selection of games on show, from classics to more contemporary titles, indies to blockbusters, so if you need to kill some time at work today, this is a great way to do it.

[Geek Mind]


    I got 8050. Great game :D

    I got a picture of Yoshi's Island. The answer wasn't "Yoshi's Island". The answer wasn't "Yoshis Island", or "Super Mario World 2: Yoshi's Island".
    It was "Super Mario World".

    I got a picture of Windwaker. I tried "Windwaker" and "The Legend of Zelda: Windwaker". Neither worked.

    This needs some serious fixing. The names are far too strict and sometimes nonsensical (like a picture of a Helghast soldier being "Killzone 2" and not "Killzone") and other times just plain wrong.

      I found that too. I tried every combination of Yoshi's Island I could think of and nothing worked. If "Super Mario World" is the answer, that's pretty stupid, because it's not what the real answer is.

      I also got a picture of Mrs Pacman. I tried "Mrs Pacman", "Mrs Pac Man", "Mrs Pac-Man", "Misses Pac Man" etc and nothing worked. Dunno what the hell he wanted for that one.

        That would be because the game is Ms Pac Man not Mrs.

        I keep getting a Mass Effect 2 screen shot and it doesn't accept my answer. Some tweaking to allow shortened names for game would be good. Like TMNT and RE4.

          Some shortened names do work.


          MK for Mortal Kombat

          and lol for I Wanna Be The Guy

      That 'Windwaker' picture's answer was 'The Wind Waker'. :P

      Wind Waker works as well.

    Good game, but needs some serious tweaking. The Yoshis Island issue mentioned above, not to mention every Legend Of Zelda game could be answered with Legend Of Zelda. Some games required absolute specific grammar and spelling (Don't miss the hyphen in F-Zero!), or I could just use TMNT for Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles and it would be fine.

    Got to about 78,000 but hit backspace to delete something and accidently went back in my browswer. =(


    Addicted. More of this please :)

    Would be more fun if it was a bit more forgiving re spelling.

    22900 on 3rd attempt. Clearly I have wasted my life.

    Needs to be more lenient with spelling and those hints are very hit and miss. Good time killer though.

    16400 on my first attempt. I ran into trouble around 61 and barely recovered but lost it later when I had to ID a string of obscure games ending with a Genesis RPG I'd never seen before. The secret is to know how to skip judiciously.

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