How Much Would You Pay For Quake Live 'Pro'?

The makers of free-to-play shooter Quake Live are putting a price on the web-based shooter, offering both "Premium" and "Pro" subscription options for FPS fans. The good news is that you still don't have to pay to play Quake Live.

Yes, Quake Live will still be free-to-play, should you choose that option, but id Software is offering a few perks to players willing to cough up an annual subscription. Those plans range from about $US24 to $US48 per year and include the following enhancements to the current Quake Live experience.

Premium Subscription ($US1.99 per month, billed annually)

  • Access to 20 QUAKE LIVE Premium only maps at launch with more to come. Premium maps are a combination of brand new maps and frequently requested community favourites from previous QUAKE games such as Aerowalk, Theater of Pain, Japanese Castles and Realm of Steel Rats
  • An all new ‘Freeze Tag' game mode
  • Exclusive premium level awards
  • Create your own clan and join up to five separate clans
  • Custom QUAKE LIVE profile wallpaper
  • Match statistics stored for six months

Pro Subscription ($US3.99 per month, billed annually)

  • Includes all Premium Subscription features
  • The ability to start your own game server, specify a server location, determine the game mode and invite who you want to join you
  • With the Pro Subscription, you can invite three friends with Standard level memberships to play with you in any Premium level map
  • Exclusive pro awards
  • Create your own clan and join up to ten separate clans
  • Match statistics stored for 12 months

The good old free version will still offer "friend lists, access to one clan, matchmaking, and stats tracking delivered through a web browser with more than 40 arenas and five game modes".

Kotaku will be looking at Quake Live and all things Doom, Quake and Rage at this year's QuakeCon 2010.


    Great so the 'pro' mode offers everything that most modern shooters offer at launch?

    Quake live was a great idea, unfortunately, i already played the shit through quake 3 when it was released. I want a NEW quake not a re-hash.

      Yes, it offers content that would've been covered by the cost of purchasing the game in the first place. So really, all they're doing is offering you the OPTION to pay for the additional functionality if you wish, or you can continue to play the game as-is game for free.

      If you don't want to continue playing the game you're not paying for, then don't. Simple as that.

        No, this is BETTER than what most modern shooters offer. This is a free game. But if you pay $48, you have it for a year. Many features better than other games, and you can play with people who might not pay for it, but you want to play. Its a easy way to get hardcore gamers together in a nice spot.

        INb4 COD fanboys bitch.

    "play to play" might wanna fix that typo :)

    The real question is do you want to be part of the community or not?

    If you just want to swing by and shoot a few people to kill 5 minutes, there is no point in purchasing a subscription.

    I'll be going premium just because I appreciate that all the work that has been done (even if it is "just an old game") is bringing the community back together again, all in the one place.

    There is STILL no FPS anything like it. This worries me a LOT more then paying 24$ US a year.

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