How The Modern Father And Son Can Bond

Author Nicholson Baker never played a video game until he tried some violent Xbox ones with his 16-year-old son for an article in this week's New Yorker magazine, as heard on the magazine's podcast.

Nicholson Baker Examines Video games. [New Yorker: Out Loud][Source PIC]


    God those 16 year old kids on COD drive me nuts.
    I dunno if it's as cheap as they say but I like to knife, and thus use Commando, I always cop these really young sounding kids on the mic screaming "OH MY GOD! COMMANDO! YOU'RE SUCH A NOOB!"

    Is it wrong if I find that touching? I would of loved to have played video games with my old man.

    I think the analogy of playing catch (with bullets) is spot on.

      It IS very touching. You know the article on Kotaku, that will forever be burned to my memory was the brilliant piece David wrote about his time growing up and gaming with his dad. To write such a loving tribute about his father after he passed really tugged at my heart strings. Thankyou again David for such an insightful view into your life at such a sad time.

    I did the same thing with CS way back in the 90's...

    I play LBP with my 3 and 5 year old. Its co-operative and non violent (cept for getting squished by blocks etc)

    It's very good bonding when they complete a difficult jump there are high 5's all around and who ever wins of the 3 of us gets a big cheer from the other two :)

    Everyone has good fun, we play maybe 3 times a week for about 10-20 mins each time, I know it sounds cheezy but its very fun for me and I'm amazed how good they are at it, CJ my eldest is better than most adults i see play the game :)

    Dad brought me into the world of video games using Civilisation. Unfortunately he refused to forge ahead with me, sticking to his PC without dipping his toes in the console world.

    Until recently I'd only ever see him play Civ and it's iterations but then he got a Wii and delighted in showing how much better at Tennis he was than anyone else. Baby steps...

    I played games from time to time with my father, movies where more our thing. But I do remember him playing House of the Dead (2 I think) with me, at first he was a little disturbed by the Zombies, but he soon got into it. He told me I should take up pistol shooting.

    He also played Tennis, Golf and Bowling on the Wii and was amazed by the Pool and shooting games on Wii play. The motion controls amazed him, he was horrified by how good I was at Wii Bowling I always put too much spin on the ball so my style compensated for that and made a point of doing it.

    If he was still here I don't think he would have played Red Steel 2 or Red Dead Redemption, but he would have been interested in watching me play the more cinematic bits.

    Oh and on my GBA Adaptor on the Game Cube I think we spent a night playing Advance Wars.

    We have Halo night on Friday's in our house. The boys, me, my 11 year old and my 6 year old, pile in the front room on bean bags and have an hour or two of some fun playlists, Living Dead and Griffball double XP weekend's being a favourite.

    And my wife and daughter watch a movie or play a board game in the other room.

    I play Little Big Planet with my daughter on either saturday or sunday to make up time with her. Tried to turn her into a slayer girl but she's not into gun games. Although she loves Fat Princess.

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