How They Made That BioShock Infinite Trailer

If you liked the BioShock Infinite trailer, check out the season finale of Irrational Behaviour, the in-house podcast of the studio behind the next game.

Did you know they composed riffs of the original BioShock music for it?

Did you know how hard they tried to fake out people who saw it?

Where does the sound for the brutish bad guy come from?

What's so hard about showing telekinesis?

And what happened to the planned opera scene?

The Irrational folks in the new episode of Irrational Behaviour do a great job explaining how their trailer got made and share a lot of the creative vision for it. I listened to this podcast while playing Top Gun. It helped me shoot down jets, I think. I recommend it.

Irrational behaviour Episode 7 Part 2: Making of the BioShock Infinite Trailer [iTunes and direct-download options at that link]


    I listened to this last week, it was quite interesting. I recommend people who like behind the scenes kind of stuff to listen to it.

    I'm probably a bit slow, but I just realised the screen on the video before you press play, of the windowsill. It looks so much like a big daddy helmet, awesome.
    On topic, interesting podcast, did not help me shoot down jets, but enjoyable all the same.

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