How To Use PlayStation Move


    I loled

    Also - I thought the 'vampire' was a flasher. I dare say the Move will be ineffective against flashers too though... depends I guess!

      lol i thought it was superman :P Which it would also be ineffective against! lol

    I wonder why it lists hitting Master Chief with the Move as bad as I would imagine Playstation players would enjoy doing that.

    The lower left panel makes me wonder at the possibility of Konami porting their arcade Castlevania - which, by the way, is supposedly an on-rails whipfest - to the PS3/Move. Considering how it was supposed that porting the game to the Wii would be hard due to the graphical effects, and that the Move would probably help the whole whipping thing... it makes me wonder!

    Is the sixth panel illustrating failing to grab a balloon for Jason in Heavy Rain??

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