I Am Totally A Phony Copy

You've probably seen this before. This painting (above) is not a copy. This is the real deal. This is "The M.K.", which appeared at the very first I Am 8-Bit art show in 2005.

This painting (below) recently popped up on eBay with a starting bid of US$1,500. It is not the original M.K. painting, but rather, a hand painted copy. From the eBay page: "I'm selling my awesome painting of Mario an Princess Peach it a large painting and awesome for any video game collector. The painting depicts Mario and peach sitting on a question box looking dark and sinister. This is hand painted by me and it awesome i have many complements on this I hate to sell it. Have fun bidding"

Nice painting! And while the seller does admit that he (or she) painted it, there is enough ambiguity to assume that this is the painting that appeared at I Am 8-Bit. How do we know it's not the real deal? Let's compare:

Still don't believe me? "I personally own the original, so there's no doubting this as a fake," Jon Gibson, founder of I Am 8-Bit, tells Kotaku. "It hangs right above my fireplace."

The MK painting [eBay via Game Sniped]


    Wouldn't there have to be some kind of law about selling a duplicate like this?

    I can understand the person wanting to have it hanging on their wall, but if you're paying that much for a painting you'd want to know that it's the original and not some poor copy.

    even if it is a copy, it looks better than the origonal

      How is the copy better than the original in any way??

        Agreed. The copy is too light to match the concept, the smooth edging looks strange and there's no consistent light source.

        Original work is beautiful.

    I collect painted illustrations, and you really have to do research to be sure you aren't being ripped off. There are plenty of recreations out there, stuff you find randomly on eBay can be pretty risky.

    The seller should make it clear that it is a recreation, and not by the original artist.

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