I Don't Speak Swedish, But This Seems Bad

Kotaku tipster says the image here, which tops a Swedish story about a Wii charger gone ablaze, mistakenly thinks Nintendo makes bum recharge stations. Not so, but that's no consolation for this lady. Louises laddare började brinna [Aftonbladet. Thanks Forcen!]


    I have the exact same charger. It's been playing up too. I guess it's a good thing I only have it plugged in when I'm sitting in front of it.

      I have two of these daisy chained into my Wii sitting right next to my plasma at home =/

    Its the new WiiSmoke, it didn't get much coverage in other countries but its really big over there. Looks like she was playing two player.

    'exploderade' now theres a catchy word...

    Brobably had "do not leave charged remotes in the dock" or "overcharged batteries prne to failure" written in really small print in the manual.
    And Nintendo don't make rechargable packs for the wiimotes, do they?

    Just wait till Kalle Blomkvist gets on the case.

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