id Unleashes Impressive Rage On The iPhone

During his keynote speech at QuakeCon 2010, id Software's John Carmack demonstrated Rage on the iPhone, running at 60 frames-per-second and able to "kill anything done on the Xbox or PlayStation 2".

Carmack's demonstration, using the id Tech 5 engine, could possibly be the most impressive tech we've seen on the iPhone. Running on the iPhone 4 but easily run on the 3GS, the visuals indeed rivalled anything from the PlayStation 2 and original Xbox, and might even be able to give a few current-gen titles a run for their money.

The first Rage game for the iPhone will be a small "show-off" sort of title, with a larger game due out next year to coincide with the big game's release.

For more of Carmack, be sure to check out our liveblog of the QuakeCon 2010 keynote.


    if Rage looks that good on a crappy little shit-box, it's going to look absolutely awesome on pc, xbox 360 or ps3

    It'll be interesting to see how gaming like that affects the battery life and what happens to the frame rate once the action starts.

    I couldn't watch with audio, but that didn't look anything like 60 frames per second. Isn't a lag in frames per second only noticeable to the human eye when it drops below 40 or so? I mean maybe it was just the video on my comp but it was lagging a fair bit for me.

      chances are when the video was encoded for the web they dropped it to 30. you don't usually use >30fps video on the web because it makes the video file a lot bigger (like 2x)

    Great to see that they're focusing on shiny graphics, instead of, you know, making a good game.
    Doom 3 all over again.

      Except Doom 3 was a good game.

    Does anyone still really care about this game?

    It's a new IP that they announced yonks ago and looks basically like fallout 3 with cars. Couple that with the fact that iD haven't made a good game since Quake 3 and it gets kinda overwhelming.

    Also, when did iPhone ports become 'big gaming news' anyway?

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