If Only Ultra Magnus Was In War For Cybertron

For one of the most useless and short-lived Autobot leaders of all time, Ultra Magnus sure has a following, as evidenced by this custom toy showing what he'd have looked like had he turned up in War For Cybertron.

(Well, turned up in the console version, as he does appear in the DS edition.)

There are two figures; one for the purists, showing Magnus in the same all-white colour scheme as his original toy (which was a repaint of Optimus Prime), the other with some custom armour bringing him closer to his more common red-white-and-blue appearance.

The toys are again based on an Optimus Prime figure, this time his War for Cybertron variant, and are currently for sale on eBay.

The colours look great, but my only complaint would be that there's no car trailer. I know, there's no need for a car trailer on Cybertron, but damnit, he cold have had a... hover-car trailer instead.

Custom War For Cybertron Figures [Game Informer]


    I'm sad now. I thought these toys were going to be available in retail stores :(

    Ultra Magnus is my favourite Autobot.

    Eh, I'll stick with my Masterpiece Ultra Magnus.


    I really wish that the Hasbro or Takara-Tomy toy company would remake and resell Transformer Masterpiece Ultra Magnus (TF MP-2) along with his transformable trailer/armour just like his G1 toy style but even better, right after they make MP-9 which is Rodimus Prime and that will be so awesome

    I have both Classics Ultra Magnus and Masterpiece, I'd probaly be dumb enough to get a WFC Ultra Magnus.

    But what's most annoying is you can't make him in the game because White (in the light blue palete) is a Decepticon colour.

    Ultra Magnus was always a skinned Optimus Prime with some bulky armour. I'm not sure why so many people dig him.

    Hell, he hasn't even had a good unique figure to his name (that wasn't a Prime repaint)

      I don't know which series, but he was different from Optimus Prime but combined with him.

      As for why people like him? Why is their characters in Star Wars with less than 2 minutes of screen time but with a ton of action figures.

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