If People Make It To Mars, Give The Wii Some Credit

There are six men currently living in cramped isolation in Moscow, enjoying and suffering 520 days of isolation as the Russian Space Federation simulates the loneliness of a manned flight to Mars. Good thing these guys have a Wii.

Can they make it through 520 days? And what will happen to them in the process? The Russians are testing and you can read all about it at the fascinating Mars 500 site.

The site has lots of photos of the three Russians, the Italian, French and Chinese men who went into isolation in April and get out in October 2011.

Here are their digs:

What do you do in there to stay sane?

One thing you do is play Rock Band Wii:

Or drive on a PC:

...which means you can't just thank the Wii for keeping these guys sane and furthering our ability to make it to Mars.

You would have to thank flowers:

And buckets:

Mars-500 project [via Gizmodo]


    Good luck boys. Lol.

    Insane. I dunno whether to feel sorry for these guys... or jealous! Heck, I could do for a year and a half of nothing but video games and bucket jousting.

    So long as no-one informs me of new releases that come out while I'm gone...

    I wonder what kind of ping you'd get in Cod4 on marsh?

    They should play RB instead of BH.
    Like awesome space men.

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