In The Future, There Is Only Team Fortress 2

In The Future, There Is Only Team Fortress 2

Team Fortress… Warhammer 40K… two very different beasts, but bring them together and you’ve got… a very different beast.

This clip shows a work-in-progress skin pack for Team Fortress 2, bringing Space Marines to the dusty battlefields of Valve’s shooter.

It may look a little strange to see the big guys running around wooden barns at such a speed, but when the Emperor calls, the Space Marines must answer.

[via Rock, Paper, Shotgun]


  • Quite a novel idea! The models look great! Not sure how well it would play though, all of the models seem to be the same size, how would this effect hitboxes?

    Pretty negatively, i’d assume.

  • I wish there was an actual 40k game that was exaclty like TF2 but in space and with Space Marines and Orks and stuff.

  • Looks interesting, but a few points:

    1) Get some original maps. Putting space marines in the dusty 50’s environments of TF2 looks stupid.

    2) Finish revamping the weapons. Pretty much every weapon in TF2 has a 40K equivalent (flamethrower=flamer, pistol=bolt pistol, rocket launcher=missile launcher) even if space marines don’t use grenade launchers (Imperial Guard only).

    3) The heavy bolter makes a good replacement for the heavy’s minigun, but as the heavy is the toughest class a better idea would be to make the heavy a Terminator with an assault cannon (make him switch to a storm bolter if he goes for his shotgun, or a power fist when he goes melee). The sniper should be in scout armour, as it’s scouts who use sniper rifles in a marine army. And the spy HAS to be a Callidus assassin, not a space marine.

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