In This Nightmare, Bad Activision People Make Limbo II

Newgrounds user Tenacious T imagines a bleak future when Activision's worst people create Limbo II: The Bar's Been Lowered, the sequel to the beloved indie hit Limbo. It has celebrities! Predator missiles! And... colour. Watch the video and shudder (Warning: Profanity). [Thanks Derek!]


    DAM! Kotick was working secretly on this for the last 6 months and now it has been leaked on newgrounds! Oh well, they will still flog it for 1200 microsoft points for 3 new levels and 2 "classic" levels from Limbo 1 with colour.

    Ha ha! Never played Limbo, but a lot of people seemed to really enjoy it for being one of those quirky, artsy indie titles (like Braid). The scary thing is I can actually imagine activision doing something like this...

    It's funny because it's pretty much true.. so so depressing...

    If activision ever did touch this game it would actually be more depressing than the game actually was...

    Since when have Activision known anything about colour?

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