Infamous 2 Hero Looks Like Himself Again In His Newest Trailer

Undoing a planned re-design for lead character Cole, Sucker Punch has a new trailer for 2011 PlayStation 3 game Infamous 2 for Gamescom this week. Cole looks good, so does the unusual style of this trailer - frozen gameplay. Neat.


    Haha, love the tone of this! Very casual... laid back... chaos.

    Anyone know the song?

    Good to see Cole looking normal-ish. Whatever. I just hope that they quit messing around with his character design and make an excellent game. Hopefully it will be.

    MUCH improved, less hair, meaner face, no v-neck or necklaces, better.

    Good. I don't know wtf they were thinking with that hipster lookin douche they showed us in earlier trailers. Ugh.

    Already savin' my pennies for this game ;)

    I love how simple and effective this trailer is. Much better than the last one.

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