Inside The Artistry Of NBA Jam

Wonder where they got the crazy faces for the superstars of the upcoming NBA Jam? EA Sports didn't bring everyone in to mug for the camera; they used a vast library of NBA photos to add emotion to the game's zaniness.

As much as NBA Jam has to honour the over-the-top gameplay of its arcade predecessor, the game has to give it a visual style that is as unique for its time as the original game was in its. This two-minute clip shows how the game's artists reassembled and renovated the world of the two-on-two throwdown extravaganza.

The game is available on October 5 on Wii and as a free download with new retail copies of NBA Elite 11 for PS3 and 360.


    Since EA want us to purchase a game WE DON'T WANT to play a game WE WANT, they can go frak themselves.

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