iPhone Game Looking To... Movie Adaptation

iPhone game Angry Birds is in talks to make its way to the silver screen. Hey, why not?

Angry Birds has been an Apple apps chart topper in 60 countries for months now, and Rovio, the Finnish developer responsible for the game, is looking to go Hollywood.

"We want to go beyond games," Rovio honcho Mikael Hed said. According to Reuters, he hopes to turn Angry Birds into an entertainment brand, kinda like Pixar has done with Toy Story. (Never mind that Pixar are world-class filmmakers and writers!)

The company has been in meetings with Hollywood studios but hasn't inked a deal yet.

"Investors are banging on our door," said Hed, who added that the developer is worth "a lot more than anybody could imagine".

The game's cinematic trailer has been viewed on YouTube over five million times. The $1.19 version of the game has been downloaded 6.5 million times, while the free version has been downloaded 11 million times.

Rovio is readying a Hewlett-Packard Palm version and a Google Android version as well.

INTERVIEW - Angry Birds game creators set sights on Hollywood | Reuters [Reuters via GameInformer]


    Interesting that you guys completely ignore the N900 version of the game after all those ads you ran for the phone :p

    ... The creators of Angry Birds have earnt $7,735,000 .....

      Excluding money earned from ads. (I assume the free version has ads, I bought it straight up so I wouldn't know!) 11 Million people are bound to click on an ad often enough to generate some income!

    How about updating the iPhone version for the iPhone 4's resolution first?

    I don't have an iphone so have never actually seen or played this game, but to me it just looks like boom blox?

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