Is Dead Space 2 The Coolest Game Of The Week?

I've been watching gameplay footage of games that will be at Gamescom, and the stuff EA showed of January 2011's Dead Space 2 is currently the best I've seen. Good stuff. Perhaps you'll agree.


    alot more set pieces ay

    This is definately one of the few games I am really excited about. I hope they do Ultra limited edition for this, I missed the first one

    i don't like the over the top action aim, the original game was almost an art piece to horror games, they carefully crafted it and didn't put something there because it would look bad-ass.
    Uber ninja Isacc isn't quite getting me as helpless cable man Isacc.

      agreed man. dead space 1 scared the crap out of me. but, i feel this one wont.

      also, damn them giving him a voice.

    God damn it, its okay to have floating around in space sections but don't refer to it as Zero G! Zero G only possible by being an infinitely large amount of distance from any mass.

      Yeah, technically they should call it Micro Gravity, but... ohwelll

      and hearing Isaac's voice for the first time was awesome! :D

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