Is Sonic Hat Better Than Scribblenauts Hat?

Preorder Sonic Colours from EB Games and you can get yourself this Sonic hat. It looks familiar though. What if it wasn't blue... what if it was red?

Yeah, it kinda reminds of this Scribblenauts hat. That, too, was available as a preorder bonus from certain retailers.

So, for the headwear connoisseurs out there, which hat is better: Sonic hat or Scribblenauts hat?


    Neither. They both look incredibly gay and I wouldn't be caught dead wearing one.

    The Sonic one looks like you've stuck a shark fin to your head.

    The Scribblenauts hat would just make you look like Po from the Teletubbies.

      Using gay as a derogatory term? Come on.

      I have the Scribblenauts hat, and while it looks extremely silly on me (to the point where i refuse to post a picture of me wearing it), its just a fun gimmick, and mainly pointed at kids.

      The DS is a kids console after all. If i was in preschool id definitely wear that to kindergarten.

        I agree. These hats are less likely to make you gay then celibate.

      I love the delicious irony that you think that both hats "look gay", but that you knew precisely which Teletubbie it would make you look like

        Wasn't one of the teletubbies actually gay? If so, this would make it an apt description...

        There's only 4 teletubbies mate...

      Hey Corey,

      I'm gay. Do you think if I wore the hat it would make me heterosexual? Kind of like a double negative?

      Also, it's 2010 right now right?

        I sincerely apologise to those who were offended by my misuse of the word 'gay' and would like you all to know that I will choose more appropriate words to criticise things in the future.

        For example,

        They both look incredibly 'straight'and I wouldn't be caught dead wearing one.

        I also hope that everyone will now take this amendment in good humour as my intention was never to offend homosexual Kotaku readers but to simply comment on the hats in question.

          Good man Corey.

    I don't know which one if BETTER, per se...

    But i DO know that both add +1 to your Social Outcast (SO) spec

      come to think of it... it also has a 45% chance of adding +2 to my "Win Kotaku Picture Comps" (WKPC) stat... hmmm...

    But which hat would win in a fight?? I'll be the ref in a sombrero.

      Only if i can be a judge in a Fez

    It looks absolutely ridiculous and stupid.

    I want one.

    I have a Scribblenauts hat!
    Screw you guys!

    Or you could pre order at GAME Online and NOT get the hat and $10 less!

    yeah, sadly missed out on the Scribbnauts hat... if anyone is willing to give theirs away I'm happy to give it a home..

    Sonic hat is much better though... I could put it on the head from the MW2 prestige edition, with the night vision goggles also!

      Then play an online webcam game like uno xbla with live vision for a few lols.

        lol, probably be the tamest person with a camera in the room... some of those dodgy stories of people playing in the nude, etc!

    I wish I could wear both at the same time.

      You totally could! - just be a little harder to see the rooster hat...


      The Rooster Hat looks smaller, so use it as a Beard?

    I have my scriblenaughts hat sitting on the night vision goggle head :P

    Who buys their games from EB anyway?!? Suckers thats who!

    i havent preordered anything since tbc? if i put down 5 bucks do i get the hat then or do i have to buy the (most likely bad)game


    They should just sell the hats seperate from the game.

    Sega would actually probably make more money as a hat manufacturer.

    Don't know where I saw this (might have been on Kotaku), The best reaction to this deal:

    "judging by the 'quality' of the last bunch of sonic games, this deal really should be seen as:

    Pre-order a Sonic the Hedgehog hat and get a free game!"

    I have the scribblenauts hat... IT DOESN'T FIT MY HEAD! Well, it fits on, but the strap under the chin doesn't come together...

    Have the scribblenauts hat and yes, it's a very strange looking thing and I wouldn't be caught dead wearing it in public but it's just a fun gimmick and a lot of friends point it out and have a laugh when they're over.

    This one looks equally bizarre. And remember, you can always return stuff at EB within their 7 day policy, and Price Matching also works.

    Nothing will ever beat the Rooster Hat!

    I was planning on wearing mine out "in public" (albeit somewhere/when nobody was around >.>) but still haven't gotten around to it.

    I need this hat. I will be wearing it on the train like every day. Not sure whether I will pre-order the game or just buy the hat off ebay or something.

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