Is This The End For Yakuza?

Sega's Yakuza series began in 2005 when the first game was released in Japan on the PlayStation 2. A sequel followed the following year, and to date there have been five games.

That includes one spin-off. Another spin-off is slated for the PSP later this year.

An ad depicting the a destroyed Kamurocho, the in-game version of Shinjuku's Kabukicho, appears in the new issue of Japanese game mag Famitsu. The text reads, "The End".

Sega has previously revealed a new Yakuza game. The title does not have a release window, but the game's developers have said the theme is "destruction". Sure looks like it.

Thanks Carlos for the tip!


    Bloody awesome series.

    A special crossover between Fallout and Yakuza, where Kazuma Kiryu wanders post-apocalyptic Japan.

    ... I would play it.

    "Yakuza 5 : Economy Affected Edition"

    It's cool bro.

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