Israel’s Lottery Balls Are Raving, Rabid

Israel’s Lottery Balls Are Raving, Rabid

Unless Ubisoft has been holding out Rayman’s Raving Israeli Lottery Balls on us, the company responsible for these Israeli lottery commercials has some explaining to do.

Reader Ido sends us these two YouTube videos of commercials currently airing for the Israeli lottery, featuring an extremely familiar set of animated lottery balls. The spots depict people in moments of stress, only to have that stress relieved thanks to a screaming horde of Raving Rabbids wannabees.

I’d like to think this was homage and not some advertising person’s sloppy shortcut to creating compelling, memorable characters.

We’ve poked Ubisoft for comment on these Raving lottery balls and will update once we get a response.

Waaaaaaaghhh! Thanks Ido!


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