Italian City Pissed At Gran Turismo 5

Officials of Siena, the historic walled city in Tuscany, Italy, are unhappy that their Piazza del Campo is a race course in Gran Turismo 5's new kart mode, and will demand that Sony remove it from the game.

The issue isn't just that the Piazza or the surrounding structures, the most notable dating back to the 1300s, are in a video game. It's also the site of the Palio di Siena is a bareback horse race run around a D-shaped course there since 1656. You can see in the video above the Piazza's distinctive architecture, plus the flags and colours of the 17 contrade or districts, which contest the Palio. Piazza del Campo also is used as the name of the track.

Anna Carli, the CEO of the Consortium for the Protection of the Palio said there will be a "diplomatic request" to Sony to resolve the matter, which means pulling whatever's agitating Siena. Carli added that if Sony's actions are unsatisfactory, the city may ask lawyers to seize Gran Turismo 5 at its release. The game is due for a European release on Nov. 3.

"You can not use images of Contrade, in this case the flags without authorisation," Anna Carli, CEO of the Consortium for the Protection of Palio di Siena, told Corriere Fiorentino. "Given the relevance of the game with no history and references to our party, in particular with the use of images of flags of the contrade, we would not otherwise authorise the use."

It's not like the Palio is some symbol of the purity of sport; the race is notoriously brutal for both riders and horses, which frequently slip and fall on the dirt-covered cobblestone bowl of the Campo. Italy's own tourism minister has called for an end to the Palio, comparing the events to Spain's bullfights for brutality and exploitation.

So the Sienese may be pissed about a video game, but they're the side on the defensive in a violent controversy. Irony.

La Playstation Gioca Col Palio; Siena: «Sequestrate il gioco» [Corriere Fiorentino, translated to English, thanks Asdru]


    The issue seems a little muddied here. Isn't the point that the flags are being used without authorisation, rather than the buildings? Pull the flags from the game and all's right, right?

      Replace them with P.E.T.A. banners.

    From Mafia II to GT5... Italians are on it! lol

    Italians. The Axis Power that fought so poorly and surrendered so readily. Demanding the removal of flags from a Japanese game.


    Look out Italy, you might not get GT5 then you'd be more upset!

    I'd see it as free advertising/tourism...but then again thats easy for me to say being an Australian and having no connection to Palio di Siena at all.

      Agreed, free advertising for your town... it's not as if they are making fun of the town or showing it in a bad light...

      It's nothing like the Chimera running around a destroyed Manchester Church in an alternate world war! :p

    the Itallians seem pretty pissed these past couple of weeks?

    Delayed reaction from a crappy world cup performance?

    Next week there's going to be an "Italians and Italian-Americans Again Vinnie Barbarino" sect open up

      haha funny you mention that. The only thing I regretted not seeing when I went to London was manchester cathedral because of Resistance!

        ..that was meant to be to oggob...not sure how it ended up here, my bad most likely.

    As much as it would damage the game for everyone. I'd remove everythign italian from the game not just the flags, even so far as the italian sports cars. Shouldn't take long to resolve after a threat like that.

      Considering how long its taken to get Ferraris in a GT game, somehow I don't think that's on the table

    I don't fully grasp the beef here. They don't really seem to have a legit reason to try to block this apart from the fact that they feel they have the power to do so.

    They have a legitimate argument, like it or not. Their flags are, in many respects, trademarks of their historical traditions linked to much rivalry, pride and cultural identity. In this case, these symbols are percieved as being trivialised by a kart 'minigame'. Permission should be sought, and the flags removed if it is not granted.

    Simple fix, change the flag to either GT5, PS3, Sony or Move flag....

    i love how you arrogant geeks sit here slagging off a whole race because one department are pissed with some Asians who decided to use a Historical location without ANY! authorisation what so ever.. which is illegal by the way something you nerds wouldnt understand..

    peace you racist losers!

      You raging brah? Irony is a delicious thing, something you eat daily?

      If you read the article they only care about the flags.

      A petty gripe at any rate, no one would even take notice of the flags.

      "some asians"

      "racist losers"


      "arrogant geeks"

      Prejudice much?

      so much fail

    The irony of course is that GT5 seeks to immortalise and glorify anything it depicts with good taste.

    Talk about, nothankyou.jpeg to millions of $$$ worth of potential tourism.

    what's the worst they can do? ban the game in Italy? I say go for it, no whop sales won't hurt sony's bottom line much.

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