It's All Headshots In Halo 2600

Sort of a cross between Adventure and Berzerk is "Halo 2600" by Ed Fries, a clever little timewaster that riffs on the tropes of Atari 2600 game design, especially the snicker-inducing bleep-bloop Halo Theme in the intro.

Controls are arrows to move and space to shoot - but you need to pick up the gun, which is in the first screen above your starting point. You'll also snag items like shields and a key. You don't have up or down shooting, just left or right. But one hit does the trick on all foes - especially the hilarious three-elite fireteam that moves and dies as one sprite, just like the old days.

Halo 2600 [Code Mystics via Koku Gamer]


    Very nicely done, with vintage gameplay.

    Although it seems like the coder has taken a few liberties with the graphics, and modestly exceeded what was actually achievable graphically on a real 2600.

    There are too many multicoloured sprites appearing at the same vertical screen height, which would have resulted in a disasterous flickering mess on a real 2600.

      Not true Seb. They actually have this game on cartridge, about 100 of em. collector's item's and they play on any Atari 2600.

        It runs well in the emulator, no doubt about that. But emulators don't emulate the reality of sprite flickering on 2600 hardware.

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