It's Joe Vs That Marvel Bad Guy In Marvel Vs Capcom 3 Footage

Why watch just one new Marvel vs Capcom 3 trailer, when you can watch three?

These three new clips showcase the game's freshly-revealed cast members, Dormammu and Viewtiful Joe. Until now, I thought I'd processed Joe's inclusion. Popular Capcom character, relatively recent, doesn't look out of place in a fighting game, good choice.

It's only when you see hi in action, how small he is, that you realise how much fun it's going to be using him. Seeing him kick Wolverine's arse, for example, despite a height difference of at least four feet, is something to behold.


    Thank you so MUCH! I've been looking for some footge on the new characters everywhere. Before I found this site a few days ago, I was on IGN (who publish stories days before anyone else) this site however is fast, it gets everything

    I love Kotaku! <3

    If Viewtiful Joe is anywhere near as fun to play as as he was in Tatsunoko vs Capcom then he'll DEFINITELY be in my team, alongside Chun-Li and Spiderman.

      u know what you broughtup agood point... where is spiderman???

      he's too popular to be announced late...who would be surprised about that?

      maybe...their saving him to be a secret character?

    Dormmammu? Really? If they leave someone awesome out for him, I'll be really upset. Too bad the game looks awesome, though.

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