It's Like Portal Meets Team Fortress 2

Gate Online, a South Korean online game Kotaku previously introduced, appears to take its cues from two Valve titles: Portal and Team Fortress 2.

Team Fortress 2 is a well-spring of sorts. Last summer, the game inspired another South Korean developed PC title, H.A.V.E. Online.

The influences for Gate Online are not as blatant as for H.A.V.E. Online, and the game's developers do seem like they are trying to incorporate those influences and push them forward in a somewhat engaging way.

Thanks Joshua for the tip!


    That looks kinda cool really. It looks a bit laggy net wise from the video, but the concept it self is a cool one.... Maybe Valve should give the spy a portal gun to replace the knife! XD

    Again, see what I said here:

    I will give that H.A.V.E online was just far too similar to TF2, but saying this game ripped off TF2 and valve is going a bit too far. It's like saying Halo ripped off Quake

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