It's Transport Tycoon For The 21st Century

One of the dorkiest genres in all of PC gaming has got to be transport infrastructure management. Transport Tycoon and Sid Meier's Railroads are the giants of the genre, and they're soon to be joined by Cities In Motion.

Developed by Colossal Order and published by Paradox, masters of the hardcore strategy field, Cities In Motion is a public transport management simulator. How much you'll get out of the game, then depends on how interesting you find that particular subject.

Cities in Motion is set in Western Europe, and spans the years 1920-2020, meaning you'll start with steam trains and wind-up automobiles and finish up with buses, electric rail and... water buses.

It sounds boring as hell, but public transport is a tricky - and important - business, so a game dedicated to getting it right could be fun. Especially when it looks as charming as this does. It'll be out on PC in early 2011.


    My I bee the first to say FUCK YES.

    This looks like the game I have been looking/waiting for for AGGGGGGGGEEEEEEEEESSSSSSSSSSS

    A 3D TTD. FUCK. YES.

      Ill wait to see how it turns out before i uninstalled TTD from my PC's...

      By far TTD will never be replaced... Lets hope this game is a step in the right direction in Tycoon games :D

        Or TTD for NDS.

        But srsly... going to be awesome!

    If only some government types in Victoria had played these games as kids!

    It really depends if they get it right, as many SimCity and CeasarIII clones have shown us it's easy to screw up.

    TTD was a massive childhood game of mine, and it needs to be a perfect blend of anal complexion vs simplicity....

      It was a massive childhood favorite of mine too!

      We're like sisters :O

      Couldn't agree with you more about it being easy to mess up.

      Like Brent3000 said, TTD will never be replaced.

    Not liking it so far. Not enough cities, nor is there any random city generation.
    The scope is too small. I know TT (and TTD, OpenTTD, Locomotion) had similar starts, but I'd like to see an earlier start like in the Railroad Tycoon games (~1830 in those cases).
    The number of vehicles is also lower than I would like, even for a 100 year timespan.
    And the video provides no indication of anything but passenger transport.

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