Just Another Day At The Office

Japanese website Dengeki Online seems fun. Once a slave girl dropped by to answer the phone. Another day, there were spankings! Then there was a game of loitering in the hall. A classic, classic game. This time?

Pro wrestler Shuhei Taniguchi showed up to promote free-to-play online shooter Alliance of Valiant Arms.

And pin-up Rika Agatsuma was there to save the day by shooting Taniguchi in the face.

Everyone was so happy! Yay!!

謎の大男が襲撃!? ゲームオン『AVA』のエヴァ中尉も編集部を訪問 [電撃オンライン]


    Ha ha! I went back and had a look at all the other hijinks you linked in this article Brian. Looks like these guys have the best jobs in the world.

    How come we never see this kind of thing happening at Kotaku offices?

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