K.I.N.E.C.T. Dance

What starts out with what appears to be a guy recreating a scene from Bruno, ends with some fantastic two-man avant-garde dance moves.

Here for your viewing pleasure is a video of a bunch of people playing different Kinect games... set to music. Can you guess which games they're playing?


    Kinect is going to DIE.

      Kinect rocks, if it gets me playing different games for a bit then I am all for it. I am glad MS is spending money on something new rather than securing exclusives at the moment. 3rd party games should be on both systems but I would much rather buy Kinect than the Wii rip-off move. Something new mate, better than something stale.

    Can't wait for Kinect.
    Funny how gamers are so put off by it when by and large they are the demographic clamouring for new tech... Current games will still be what they are - this is something extra, good for the industry I think.

    This fad will fade from memory like the Wii waggle before it. It will become a relic so fast and MS will have wasted millions pandering to casual gamers who frankly could care less about this gimmick after about 5 minutes with it. This is an absurd way to move towards more immersion, and makes 3d look positively promising by comparison. How is moving all your furniture out of your loungeroom to play a game relaxing? Games are immersive IN SPITE of their control method. Good games immerse people because of their stories, their characters, their presentation. This is not the way forward for videogaming.

      I think it's the way forward for some games. I can't see it working for car driving but for fighting games or dancing games it's *exactly* where they should be going.

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