Kevin Butler Gets A Gift Basket Of Sorry From New Zealand

The New Zealand TV network that ripped off a PS3 ad and was called on it by fake executive Kevin Butler sent the PlayStation "vice president of everything" a large gift basket as a gesture of goodwill.

Butler, noticing that New Zealand's TV3 straight-up copied the PS3's "Montage" ad from earlier this year, didn't send a cease-and-desist (though the ad was soon pulled) but did spell out in pretty clear terms what he wanted from the broadcaster. Namely, "TV3's support in making the PS3 the Official Game Console of New Zealand... That, and a box set of Flight of the Conchords."

Ask and ye shall receive, Kevin. In addition to that plaque (in greater detail here) and the DVDs (but were they Blu-Ray?), SCEA's marketing folks also got a bunch of Kiwi goodies, such as ... Marmite? Yum?

[via Kevin Butler's Twitter]


    HAHAHa Pineapple Bits(?).

    A guy at my work showed me the ad for that, its great.

      They're called Pineapple Lumps, and they're mint as!

        And Toffee Pops, even!

        Certainly a hamper fit for the vice president of everything.

        The real deal are called pineapple chunks. Although I saw pineapple hunks last week, which was disturbing.

    lol, that is so awesome they ended up sending it!

    Awesome hamper!

    I am guessing the marmite is to poison him though... that stuff is RANK!


    Someone doesn't know how to take a picture, it hurt trying to read that plaque!

    My missus is always going on about how good Pineapple Lumps are.

    So refreshing to see a big company actually do something cool rather than sue like an arse and create more hate. This achieved the removal of the ad, and some free positive publicity and brought a smile to my face, there is hope for the world yet.
    Choice Bro!

    They're all mothaucka's and they're uckin' in my shi' comon.

    It was the right response from Sony. The NZ channel was in the wrong, but if you scratch the surface even a little you could make some pretty damning comparisons between "Kevin Butler" and "Barney Stinson" from 'How I Met Your Mother'.

    Same vague but powerful business position, same pacing of words and deadpan style, and even a similar "one into two word" catchphrase -

    "Two words - Mon-Tage"
    "Legen... wait for it... dary"

    Absolutely brilliant; I think this actually redeems them in my mind. The New Zealabilia was a nice touch, too :P

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