Kid Icarus' Pitt "Feels Like A New Character"

Masahiro Sakurai, of Smash Bros fame, is currently hard at work on a 3D version of Kid Icarus. His version of Kid Icarus' protagonist Pitt, he says, "feels like a new character". Here's why.

"One thing I can talk about is that Pit uses a lot of weapons and this is a very important aspect of the game," he tells the Official Nintendo Magazine. "There's a wide variety of very different types of weapons. Each one is very unique and presents a wide range of gameplay possibilities and a multitude of ways to approach different enemies with different weapons."

Players can shoot for long range attacks and strike for short range ones. "For the shooting attacks, you can also choose between charge shots and consecutive shots," he explains. "All of this weapon variation makes you feel like you're playing the game with a brand new character because the feel is so varied when you use different weapons."

The game designer has already stated that it will be hard for him to go back to 2D after working in 3D. Sakurai doesn't just love 3D, he loves 3D.

3DS News: Kid Icarus 3DS: 'Pit feels like a new character' [CVG]


    "Kid Icarus’ Pitt "Feels Like A New Character""
    Why? Because he doesn't suck now? Seriously, am I the only person who thought the original Kid Icarus was rubbish?

    OK, so now he's an Angel of God of War?

    Sure he doesn't feel new because it's been about 24 years since his last game?

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