Kinect Doesn't Like It When Models Stand Too Close To Each Other

Microsoft tried something novel at a recent event in Hong Kong; they figured if you use a pair of scantily-clad booth babes to demo a Kinect game, maybe people won't notice the game not working.

Things begin well enough; the waves to the crowd are twitchy, but recognised. Then the race starts. And things start to go wrong.

Sure, they're standing too close to each other (which would confuse Kinect's sensors), and are told how to fix it. But there are large stretches during the race where one of the runners isn't being recognised and there's no warning or prompt on how to fix things. Worse, the game isn't pausing when an error like this is encountered; it merely carries on, the victim of a technical glitch left to eat the winner's dust.

We're three months out from Kinect's launch. It's too late to make drastic changes to the hardware, but the problems in this case are game-related, so hopefully they're just the kind of things that can be fixed before the accessory's release.


    It's possibly caused by the flashing of the shitload of cameras being flashed towards them.

      Agreed, surely all those flashes would cause problems with it. Personally I don't plan on having paparazzi taking snaps of me in my lounge room so I don't consider this an accurate example of how it will perform for me.

    This kinda put me off picking one up at launch. Not good MS...

    The game clearly tells them to move apart - what's the big problem?
    The fact that it doesn't pause? - nothing is smart enough to cover up for people not using an interface properly - seems to be unfair criticism...

      The 360 pauses when a normal controller loses it's "lock", I think many would expect the same from kinect even if it is more difficult to implement.

    .. yeh clearly the device doesn't work as advertised so late in its development.. only fair this gets the same treatment as the wii did..

    Im getting one only to try it out and for Sonic Free Riders really. My thoughts: Buy the $399 4GB XBOX 360 slim + Kinect at JB HI FI and sell the console for $300 on Ebay brand new = Kinect for $99.

    It was telling the girl in green to move left though, she couldn't move much more left without being on top of the other.
    Maybe it is the camera flashes, or the position, but you would think they would test that first before a public demonstration.
    Wasn't planning on getting one on release anyway. So it does not really worry me. Cannot deny it was a pretty big fail though.

      yes...I think the writer of the article is confused. It's not that they're too close together, it's that they're too far apart. Seems like a pretty major problem if you ask me.

    Funny that the Cantonese commentators didn't say anything about it not working properly.

    Ooo. Jumping hotties in bikinis. Nice.

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