Kinect Patent Says It Can Read Sign Language

The patent for Microsoft's motion-sensing camera Kinect was released to the public last week, and while we knew most of the stuff contained within, I'd be lying if I said I knew the device could recognise sign language.

But it does. At least, according to the patent it does, as it says that thanks to Kinect's ability to track hand and arm gestures, it can understand somebody signing at it in American Sign Language, and then convert it to either text or spoken word.

A neat feature! It might be totally useless to most of you, but anything that can improve the accessibility of games - and do it as seamlessly as allowing someone to sign at their TV - is a welcome step forward nonetheless.

Kinect patent detailed; American Sign Language supported [SlashGear]


    I read the patent application... OK, I skimmed over it but I did spot this earlier today. Pretty cool I think. I don't know SL but impressive tech if it can recognise this. In saying that though, Id be interested in the gaming application of this. You could use it for chat text i guess, but then video chat will be available wich will be better for this anyway>

    Can anyone think how this could be used in games?

    Perhaps they can make Sign Language Central. A dance central game that rewards/teachjes you SL??

      Surely it'd be Sign Hero where you have to sign out spoken dialogue from classic movies in time or darth vader will stumble through his "I am your father" speech...

      Maybe it can be used in other games, when you give the game the finger in a burst of frustration, it'll lower the difficulty

        "Maybe it can be used in other games, when you give the game the finger in a burst of frustration, it’ll lower the difficulty"

        That would have to be the best use of the Kinect peripheral I have heard yet. Certainly a novel experience, to say the least :P

    Pointless unless it is regionalised. And I mean EXTREMELY regionalised. There are differences in Auslan (Australian Sign Language) just between states. Think of it like accents. ASL is also quite cumbersome, relying primarily on finger spelling where Auslan and other international languages are more complex with whole phrases being encompassed by a single sign.

    Then there is the grammatical differences to take into account.

    I'd love to see this work but I don't think it will really happen.

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