Kotaku’s Community Service Award Goes To...

It's time again to announce this week's Community Service Award winner, given to the Kotaku reader who contributed the most thoughtful, articulate, helpful and worthwhile comments over the past seven days.

It works like this: each week I publish a list of ten items – grouped in five pairs – taken from the 2010 Big Pile Of Crap. And each week I announce the weekly prize winner. That winner will then be able to choose five items – one from each pair – from the pile to be delivered to their door.

This week's winner is... The Cracks!

So, well done, Mr (or Ms) Cracks. You get to choose one item from each of these pairs:

1. Napoleon: Total War Emperor's Edition PC game ... or DJ Hero turntable and PS3 game 2. Street Fighter Legends comic ... or Transformers War for Cybertron comic 3. No More Heroes 2 t-shirt (size L) ... or Dead Rising 2 t-shirt (size L) 4. Fat Princess PSP game ... or Stranglehold PC game 5. Red Dead Redemption "Eradicator" soap ... or Game Boy iPhone case

Take another look at the photo, if you need a refresher, and then let us know your choices in the comments below. Everyone else, stay tuned for a new set of swag later this week.


    It's not mr or Ms... is THE Cracks

    Congratulations crackster! - i didn't even realize it was already CSA award time again - but goodo!! lol

    Well deserved!

    Hahaha...I was clicking on the 'award goes to....' link and in my head saying 'The Cracks'. Then it was loaded and 'The Cracks' really did win. Shoulda placed a bet. Congrats!

    Wildgoose finally Cracked!

    (I think that's supposed to be a witty pun guys, but I don't understand it myself)

      Allow me to assist, bishy



      Please Can I have that No More Heroes 2 Shirt!!!! I want it soo bad. Hey David, can I buy that off you? :D

    Good works cracksy

    Eat that ho!

    Thanks Davey! Woo! Never expected to actually win one of these :P

    Thank you to all of Kotaku AU, both staff and community posters, for making this a wonderful site to idle away the hours with.

    And yes, Chuloopa is correct. Though born a male, I have transcended gender to become more than mortal. Actually, I'm still just a guy. :P

    As for the goodies, may I kindly select the following:

    Napoleon: Total War Emperor’s Edition PC game (I don't own a PS3)
    Transformers War for Cybertron comic (It's Transformers, need I say more?)
    Dead Rising 2 t-shirt (size L) (Because it *is* what Chuck would do)
    Stranglehold PC game (Again, because I'm Sony-less)
    Red Dead Redemption “Eradicator” soap (Because everyone needs novelty soap. That, and I don't own an iPhone)

    Once more, thank you to everyone, but especially Wildgoose. This just made my day/week/month/year.

    Also, I'm assuming you'll email me for contact details / address etc David?

      Congrats again, mate!

      Fantastic choices, although dont'expect much from the transformers comic - i got it with a pre-order from Jb and it was crap tastic - but hey.. it's transformers! :D

      Superb work Crackles! Welcome to the club! ;) And yes David will email you soon!

      Yeah, congrats dude, well deserved!

      Woot! No more heroes 2 shirt is still there... *Crosses fingers for next week*

      Poor Dave didn't get rid of his DJ hero turntable AGAIN!!! I'm starting to think you might have to donate that one to the salvo's Dave... if they'll even take it from you...

      i keep hoping i win but i never do. i think it my be because everyone who wins says they didn't expect to win. so if my logic is wright, i just have to stop trying to win and then i'll win! right? right?!?! RIGHT?!?! omg i'm going mental...help?

      Nice job dude! Surprised you haven't already won one of these things already!

      lol and DJ Hero survives another week!

      Congrats Cracks!

    Good on ya Crack-a-Mole! Glad to see you pick up one of these piles, your a top contributer and always give me a chuckle. Dave and Kotaku are ace! :D You'll be telling everyone about the pile-o-crap you won, until they get so annoyed with you they lock you out of the house! (speaking from experience)

    Congrats mate.

    I am so glad the ps3 turntable has lived to see another day. I think if it makes it to the end of the year, it should be immortalised in bronze, and awarded as the major Kommunity award at the end of the year a black tie dinner...

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