Kotaku AU Wrap: The Week That Was

Last week was all about StarCraft, StarCraft, StarCraft!

The week that was on Kotaku AU:

News The Week In Games Calm Down, Halo Reach Is Not Censored In Australia Kingdom Hearts: Birth By Sleep Gets Arty Limited Edition Nintendo To Crown Australia’s Coin-Collecting Champ Bargain Hunter: ArmA Gonna Save Me Some Cash Look At The Pretty Controller Colours Australia’s Best Indie Games Of The Year Are…

Culture Meet The, Uh… Face Of Mafia II In Australia What’s On Good Game Tonight? Snaps From The StarCraft II Aussie Midnight Launch Here’s The First Copy Of StarCraft II In Australia Even More StarCraft II Aussie Midnight Launch Snaps One Of These Things Is Not Like The Others Meet Australia’s Coin-Collecting Champs How Do You Rate StarCraft II’s Campaign? Aussie Nintendo Store: Walk The Plank Action

Regulars Censor Watch Caption This! Ask Me Stuff Show Us Yours: A Miserable Pile Of Boxes Tell Us Dammit Kotaku Matchmaker: StarCraft II What Are You Playing This Weekend? Talk Amongst Yourselves

Media New Red Dead Redemption DLC Screens Kinda Blow

Hands-On The First Hour Of… Dead Rising 2: Case Zero Reader Review: Metal Gear Solid: Peace Walkman Reader Review: Alan Wake Reader Review: Plants Vs Zombies iPad Reader Review: Alien Swarm Reader Review: Pix’n Love Rush

Features The 10 Most Underrated Games This Generation

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