Kotaku AU Wrap: The Week That Was

Last week was all about layoffs at Krome, our still-broken classification system and taking Killzone 3 into 3D.

The week that was on Kotaku AU:

News PC Gamers To Get Some Triple X Pirate Dog Wins Australia’s Best Indie Game Award Yep, Our Classification System Is Broken Alright Is Sonic Hat Better Than Scribblenauts Hat? Thinking Of Studying Video Games Next Year? Sony Expands PS3 Catch-Up TV With Yahoo!7 Bargain Hunter: Let’s Go Shopping! What 3D Means For Killzone 3 Krome Lays Off 100+ Employees, Shuts Adelaide Studio Heavy Weapon Now Considerably Lighter Reader Review: Puzzle Quest 2 Aussie Nintendo Store: Rolling With The Furries

Culture Why Contain It? Let The Deus Ex Ads Pile Up In The Streets What Is Your Favourite RPG Series?

Regulars The Week In Games Censor Watch Caption This! Kotaku’s Community Service Award Goes To… Ask Me Stuff Tell Us Dammit Kotaku Matchmaker: Team Fortress 2 What Are You Playing This Weekend? Talk Amongst Yourselves


Hands-On Reader Review: Limbo Reader Review: Scott Pilgrim Vs. The World What Do You Think Of Metroid: Other M? How Much Fun Is $100 Worth Of PlayStation Minis? Reader Review: Deathspank Reader Review: Metal Gear Solid Peace Walker


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