Kotaku AU Wrap: The Week That Was

Last week was all about Crysis 2, Killzone 3 and John Howard as a Pokemon.

The week that was on Kotaku AU:

News Aussie Dev Dominates iPhone Games Chart Killzone 3 Will Have More Jokes, But No Lava Level Australia’s Best-Selling Games Magazine Is…? UK Retailer Targets Aussie, Kiwi Gamers Why Was Goldeneye Classified Twice? A Different Way To Rent Games Australia’s New DSi XL Colours Are… Bargain Hunter: This Wii Is Cheaper Than Kinect Aussie-Only Cataclysm Beta Contest Aussie Nintendo Store: Rotate And Float

Culture What’s On Good Game Tonight? DualShock Coffee Table Does Not Support Motion Control Aussie Politics Explained Via Pokémon Watch Minecraft Dev Make An Entire Game In 48 Hours I’m Commander Shepard And This Is My Favourite Assault Rifle On The Citadel What Is The Best Console Of All Time?

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Media Rugby League Live Trailer Brings The Big Hits

Hands On Reader Review: Monster Dash Reader Review: Demon’s Souls Reader Review: StarCraft Reader Review: Dragon Quest IX

Features Your Crysis 2 Interview

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    So who won the last Mafia 360 pack?

    /Wants so bad :(

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