Kotaku's Top 5 List Of Top 10 Lists

Each week throws off several new video game lists ranging from the humorous to the trivial. What's better? A list of those. Here's a roundup of the rundowns out there.

Five Interesting Playable YouTube Games [Joystick Division]Everyone discovered the Snake Easter egg on YouTube last week, but it's not the only way to play with your videos. Joystick Division found five, including a Street Fighter knockoff.

Nine Memorable Sexual Innuendos from Video Games [ChaCha]Hey, it's the return of Ring King, aka "That Game That Had The Blowjobs Between Rounds."

The Saddest Game Cancellations Of This Generation [GamesRadar]I dunno, I was pretty sad when NCAA Basketball bit the dust.

Five Amazing Real Time Strategy Games While Waiting For StarCraft 2 Reviews [BitMob]Well, McWhertor's review already is out, so here we'll retitle it to "Five Amazing RTSes you can play if you have to wait until the next paycheck to buy StarCraft II."

Ten Reasons to Skip Starcraft II [UGO]And then there's this, the 10 reasons why it may not be such a good idea to grab the latest must-have game. My favorite: "You Promised to Never Buy Activision Products Again: Remember when you made that promise, that unflappable vow of impassioned solidarity for the folks at Infinity Ward to whom "Evil Activision" so unceremoniously swung the axe. Remember that? Because if you've forgotten, I am sure we can excavate it from GAF."


    Most of the were good, except the top ten reasons to skip SCII. Sounds like the ramblings of an xbox/ps3 kiddy Jealous that hardcore PC fans are finally getting a really big-name title, that's actually difficult and satisfying to play.

    It's only a third of a game? Please. The wings of liberty campaign is three times the length of your favourite console shooter.

    However, this article might be a big troll, in which case I'd look pretty stupid XD

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