Kotaku's Top 5 List Of Top 10 Lists

Each week throws off several new video game lists ranging from the humorous to the trivial. What's better? A list of those. Here's a roundup of the rundowns out there.

The 50 Greatest Video Game Race Tracks [Breakdown Cover]With 50 tracks and videos for all of them, they've really done their homework on this one. The Mario Kart franchise makes it seven times, at No.32, No.29, No.27, No.13, No.7, No.4 and No.1.

The Eight Worst Nintendo Characters. Ever. [DamnLag]Asshole Dog from Duck Hunt is only No.6? Well, Navi the Fairy is a very deserving No.1, and Slippy Toad should be ahead of him too, but seriously, Asshole Dog's at least No.3.

7 Games That Would Be Awesome On Kinect [GamingBolt]Fighting games and shooters make some sense, even RTS I understand. But I just don't think when Microsoft developed Kinect they had BioWare RPGs in mind.

Video Gaming's 10 Unlikeliest Weapons [Den of Geek]Granted, you'll find about 500 of them in the Dead Rising series. But this really interesting list reminds us of the oh-so-deadly grocery bag from Manhunt, and the less-than-effective, but intriguingly rare, rolling pin in Fallout 3.

10 Video Games Series That Have Not Modernised Well [OC Weekly]Sonic is, of course, the No.1, but it's probably axiomatic that the longer a game franchise ages, the more opportunities there are to complain about it. That said, Halo, Street Fighter and Mario in all his incarnations managed to escape scorn.


    The Eight Worst Nintendo Characters. Ever. has crashed DamnLag is not going to be happy

    On that list of the Eight Worst Nintendo Characters.

    2 Pokemon in the list, I'll even accept Jynx as being in there but Pichu? Nintendo making a sequel to a game that was making money. And they improved the game too. Those jerks. And I will point out that I rate A***hole dog a lot higher. Navi was annoying but at least she was trying to help you. But that Dog laughed his arse off at you because the light gun didn't quite work as advertised.

    Great lists, as usual, but a few problems:

    MK has aged well, in my opinion. Only their latest game has lacked gore, and that was forgivable in my opinion because it had awesome characters.

    Pichu is awesome. Incredibly smart decision, cute pokemon. Nowhere near the worst pokemon, let alone nintendo character.

    Also, as annoying as Navi is, I loved her, and I don't think OoT would be as good without her. Same goes for Tingle in MM, except on a lesser extent.

    And Rainbow Road is completely awesome. Why was the video of the SNES version, though, when they mention the 64 version? Number 1 was well-deserved, though.

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