Kotaku's Top Five List Of Top Ten Lists

Each week throws off several new video game lists ranging from the humorous to the trivial. What's better? A list of those. Here's a roundup of the rundowns out there.

Starcraft 2's 10 Coolest Secrets, Stories, and Easter Eggs [Bitmob]Probably goes without saying that this one carries a spoiler alert. I'd reference my favourites, but I don't want to get yelled at.

Twenty Counterproductive Video Game Covers [Thumb Press]Nearly all of the old Atari 2600 cartridge art was counterproductive, because it gave the impression the game was more awesome than it really was. Super Breakout? Neil Armstrong playing jai alai in space? Sign me up! Oh ... it's just ... Breakout with two paddles ....

Top 10 Strategy Games To Avoid At All Costs [Planet Xbox 360]Not all strategy games are highly anticipated midnight-launch affairs like Starcraft 2, or are even fun. Although to be fair, Tropico 3 was much better on PC than console, which is probably why we see it for digital download in The Moneysaver so often.

Games That Didn't Know The Triceratops Never Existed [G4]It's not that the dinosaur never existed, its just that it was really the Torosaurus at an earlier stage of growth. Still, G4, serves up some games whose wild inaccuracy about life before man probably delights the hell out of creationists.

Seven Probably Gay Video Game Couples Who Should Get Married [Ranker]The other timely news of the week was a federal judge overturning Prop 8 out in California. Ranker's on the case with some same-sex pairings that are totally not an affront to the sanctity of traditional marriage. Such as "Zangief and anybody."


    I clicked on the top 10 Strategy games to avoid at all cost in the hopes of seeing bad strategy games.

    Instead, i see good, even GREAT (CnC3) strategy games whined about by an xbox gamer because they never got ported or their ports were half-assed.

    Here's a hint guy, you're on the wrong platform for RTS

      I was thinking exactly the same thing - they should have titled it 'Real-Time Strategy games released or proposed for release on consoles, period.' Because I didn't even think there were that many barring the old ports of StarCraft and the odd couple on SNES like Megalomania.

      Or maybe they could have titled it 'Top 10 acts of vengeance PC gamers have achieved over console gamers for all the poor or canceled PC ports' :p

        the thing is there hardly poor ports

        the issue here is that your converting a genre that really needs a mouse + board

        to a system with a limited amount of buttons and the ability to make things like groups of units and select things is always more fiddly

        RTS made for a console in mind work better because the game will have been made with the consoles limitations in mind

    Only a fraction of these lists are actually original or worth a damn. The "Worst Covers of all time" has been rehashed a billion times. This week it's now "Most counterproductive video game covers"

    *Browsing at the title -'wonder what this means. hopefully it's not another crappy videogame cover list.' - clicks on URL - 'I'm guessing Phalanx, Mega Man and Street Warrior and maybe Karnaaj will show up' - BINGO.

    People are so desperate for fucking website hits they're blatantly ripping off ideas a million times earlier, masquerading it as something else and hoping no-one notices. Please Kotaku, don't enable this sort of behaviour.

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