Landon Donovan Gets America's FIFA Cover

Sure, I called it. Then again, any eight-year-old watching him bang home the winner in stoppage time of the US-Algeria match could tell you Landon Donovan would be making his third appearance on the cover of EA Sports' FIFA series.

Donovan, easily the most celebrated footballer in the United States, will grace EA Sports' FIFA 11 when the game releases on September 28 in the US and Canada. FIFA's covers are regionalised, but Donovan will join Carlos Vela of Arsenal and Kaka - the global cover athlete - on the game's box.

Donovan's goal against Algeria delivered the United States' first overall group victory in the World Cup since it was first played in 1930. He also was the 2009 Major League Soccer most valuable player as his his club, Los Angeles Galaxy, won the MLS cup.

Donovan also made FIFA cover appearances in 2003 and 2007, whilst this is the first appearance for both Kaka and Vela.

"Landon is the most recognisable, popular and accomplished soccer player in the United States and he was at his best with the world watching during the 2010 FIFA World Cup," EA Sports' Matt Bilbey - the awesomely titled "Vice President of Football" - said in a statement. "After his FIFA World Cup performance and the season he had with the Galaxy last year we felt he belonged back on the cover of FIFA Soccer 11."


    Nice that Velas on there but he's not even making first team football for arsenal that much

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