LEGO: Red Dead Redemption Would Be A Great Idea

Were one game from 2010 selected to be turned into LEGO - and Mass Effect 2 turned down the chance - I'd like to think that Red Dead Redemption would be next in line.

Because beneath all the manliness and staring and lonely sunsets and shooting, it's a game about fantastic characters doing battle in a fantastical historical setting. Perfect ground for a LEGO game. Or, in this case, LEGO figures.

Custom minifig builder BrickTrooper has done an admirable job with some of the game's main characters, including John Marston and SPOILER up top, while some members of Dutch & Walton's gang are below. He's also got a cute Edgar Ross, though there is another spoiler warning before clicking through to see it.

THEBrickTrooper's photostream [Flickr, via Game Informer]


    I want a Lego: Last Airbender. Based on the show mind you and not the movie.

    RDR the most overrated game behind the COD series.

    This coming from someone who was foaming at the mouth wanting to get my hands on the sucker. Such a glitchy mess and Marston is about as interesting as a wet sock.


      I like wet socks.

      Easy solutions:

      PLAN A: Don't like, don't buy.

      PLAN B: If you bought it, don't like, don't play. Most stores will trade for same value for a week.

      PLAN C:If it's past that offer (or it never existed at the store you got R.D.R at), trade it for something you DO want, even if you need to add a few bucks.

      Just QUIT bitching. I can see the WAAAHmbulance approaching.

      Amen to that.

      For all the rap that Ethan Mars(from Heavy Rain) gets over the "Jason!" line, John Marston's cinematics could be summarised as follows:

      "Where's Bill Williamson?"

      "Where's Bill?"

      "Where's Bill?"

      *shoots Bill*

      "Where's Dutch?"

    They planned to also release a horse figure, but it was banned.

    They don't allow multi-layered Lego horses (soft rubber skin, muscular hard core) and mini-knives to sell to kids. Who knew?

    I am fed up with the amount of Lego Games coming out. Tell Tale games are an accomplished developer now, but are still leaning on this lego crutch.

    Why can't they make the same game without Lego and improve the gameplay and graphics because of it.

    But Lego: Pirates of the Caribbean...

      You mean Traveller's Tales, right? Tell Tale Games makes adventure games.

    Can you imagine those long drawn out horse rides where you are forced into a mostly boring conversion done in Lego Style.
    Five minutes of "Hmm badudu hm ga", "Jang boom dido hm hm ahh" and so on and so forth.
    Entertainment plus!

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