Lessons From The Medal Of Honor Beta

If not for you fine Medal of Honor beta testers, we would not be able to shoot through a guy's legs in the final game. We can thank you for other things as well, brave testers.

An EA man explains on the PlayStation blog how the developers of his company's next big first-person shooter have changed their game thanks to feedback from a public multiplayer beta of the game .

For example:

Improved Hit Detection

This was a very big issue and came up many times in the forums. We are glad to say that hit detection has been vastly improved. We really tightened up the mechanics and essentially, wherever the bullet hits on the body - that is where the hit registers. It is even possible to shoot and have the bullet go between someone's legs – it is that precise!


Major Graphic Overhaul

The graphics have been overhauled and upgraded. We are happy to report that the game looks even more spectacular than before.

Let's assume that they would have implemented a graphics overhaul even without any beta feedback. Let's not assume that all these betas are just marketing stunts. This particular beta, according to the post, influenced changes in the game's tech tree and the frequency of support actions. Here's hoping these betas, like this one and that Halo Reach one in the spring, actually improve the games we play. Medal of Honor will be released in October, so we can find out then.

Beta Feedback: How You Helped Shape Medal of Honor's Multiplayer [PlayStation Blog]


    Did they fix chat and the server browser tho because thats why i left

      +1 Me 2

    "It is even possible to shoot and have the bullet go between someone’s legs – it is that precise!"

    ...I'd be pretty disgusted with any modern FPS if this WASN'T the case. :|

      I reckon aye. Is there any FPS where this isn't the case, I mean i can recall this kind of "shooting accuracy" back to games like Half-Life and Quake II made over 10 years ago =\

    Cancelled my preorder because of the beta experience. There were too many design issues ( not bugs) that let this game down. They can upgrade the hit model and the graphics, but its still a slow camping based game.

    I know its a beta, but its by a long shot the worst FPS game i have played in a long time. It feels like a half assed Bad Company 2. Seriously, its got the exact same movement and gun wobble, same sort of dodgy hit boxes and if you fire more than 3 bullets at once the rest seem to dissapear into other dimensions, none of which being anywhere near the targett they should have hit.

    But by far the worst thing is, its just a camp fest, you spawn in the same zone over and over again. I played numerous medal of honours (why i played any after MOHAA is beyond me, the rest sucked.) but theres no more running around, its spawn, go to th-- oh i'm dead, rinse and repeat.

    Having dice do the multiplayer was a moronic idea, they do battlefield and thats what they should stick with.

    I too learned a leas son from the beta that lesson was not to buy the game :/

    I was actually psyched for this game thanks for the E3 gameplay and everything.

    After the beta, no thanks. I don't care how much you've improved on the game, but to release a beta that half-arsed with only a couple of months till the final release just shows how sloppy it was.

    The Reach Beta was so much more better, obviously the point of a beta is to pull out faults but Halo was fun compared to the frustrating experience I had with MoH. Bargain bin purchase for me.

    I took part in a Team Fortress 2 beta once.. Valve listened to the community and made changes too..

    Oh.. then they continued to do so for the next 3years.. and beyond.

    Marketing stunt/pre-order betas are great if the game is a week out from release and polished but it can backfire. Judging by the comments alone I'll be steering well clear of this one..

    See you guys for the MoH2012 beta same time next year.. I'm just bursting to see who will be on the cover! Enjoy your $20 DLC..

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