Let's Talk About First-Person Shooters On... The Bonus Round!

Last week, I hit up GameTrailers HQ for a taping of The Bonus Round to talk about the fall's biggest shooters. That includes Halo: Reach, Medal of Honor and Call of Duty: Black Ops.

Joining me were Wedbush Securities' Michael Pachter and Shacknews' Garnett Lee. See if you agree with a sleepy version of me in thinking that Halo: Reach will be Bungie's best game to date, that Black Ops will sell less than Modern Warfare 2 and that Medal of Honor isn't doing enough—at this point—to differentiate itself from the other modern day military shooters on the market.

And if I look really sleepy at any point during this episode, it's because I was.


    halo suffering from the same... there's a call of duty game every year and they really bring nothing new to the table... ive traded in all the COD's as they become stale and boring from repeating the same old thing least. With halo reach there throwing in a lot of features to keep the community busy (forge world,Firefight 2.0, a highly customizable spartan, a must have back story in the halo verse and a addictive fun multiplayer that never gets old... then I look at call of duty black ops the new features are..... umm fly a helicopter in single player umm more unbalanced perks like MW2 sorry call of duty is getting really old they should invest in this future warfare might bring something new for once.

    I wonder if Michael Pachter has ever played a video game in his life.

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