Let's Watch A Pokemon: Black And White Commercial

Nintendo's fifth generation of Pocket Monsters, subtitled Black and White, will be released next month in Japan.

The game will feature wall-to-wall new Pokemon. It will also make use of the DSi's camera, so you can wave at the other nearby players.

No, the game doesn't actually send out a glowing blue ring when it looks for other players. Bummer.


    So what the hell are all these kids doing in a theater playing DS? its the most unlikely gaming senario i've seen to date.

      In Japan the Pokemon movies are released at the cinemas. When you buy a ticket to see the movie you can bring your DS with you and access a special promotional Pokemon, usually a legendary associated with the movie and unobtainable in the game through normal means, using the Wi-Fi feature. In that sense, playing Pokemon in a theatre is probably a common thing.

    I want a Pokemon with a rocket coming out out of it's butt!

    has, has that pokemon got a rocket coming out of its ass?

    what happens if the pokemon farts? does it fly?

    At 00:48, when the kid says "Whoa", it looks like he's doing something much dirtier with his DS, hahahaha.

    Problem: Made Pokemon based on every animal alive.
    Solution: Improve on nature's designs.

    also well done paying money to watch a movie and instead playing their DS.

    Wow, rocket-assed birds or drill-tailed dragons. The barrel may finally be empty. Actually, I think that's an understatement, I think the idea barrel has been empty for a while, but since they constantly go back to scraping the bottom of it, they've worn right through the bottom and are now scraping at the moist, muddy earth and mutant insect colonies that the barrel was sitting on for all these years.

      There are actually some good ideas in Gen 5, I hated Gen 4 though but this looks great. For one, I actually get to see the stupid new pokemon instead of Zubats everywhere. (inb4 they replace the zubats with pigbats everywhere)

      Immediatly I thought the 2 new legendaries looked basically the same and digimony, BUT LOL THE ROCKET/DRILL ON ITS ASS ACTUALLY FUNCTIONS.

      The #000 isn't special enough to be that 000 though, kind of shitty.

      A few of the Pokemon I've seen so far are good, and that's because Pokemon is going back to it's roots. Take a pre-existing animal, give it an ability. BAM turtle with a watergun, lizard breathing fire.

    Sweet, I had presumed this was a 3DS game.

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