Light Heavyweights Add Another Dozen Fighters To EA Sports MMA Roster

EA Sports MMA is revealing its roster of fighters week by week, beginning with the heavyweights last week. This week, a 17-fighter light heavyweight roster was unveiled.

Randy Couture, Muhammed Lawal, Ken Shamrock, Kevin Randleman and Alistair Overeem were announced as heavyweights last week. They will also fight at light heavyweight, joining Jason Miller, Bas Rutten, Renato Sobral, Gegard Mousasi, Vladimir Matyushenko, Scott Smith, Roger Gracie, Melvin Manhoef, Murilo Rua, Matt Lindland and Dan Henderson.

By comparison, UFC Undisputed had 25 fighters eligible at the light heavyweight division.

Below is the legend identifying who's who in that picture above. EA Sports MMA is out October 19 on Xbox 360 and PS3.


    Only recognise like 4-5 of them :|

      all of these fighters are well known by far except for the ninja rua who many people here in the states might not know of, unless they watched old pride fc back in the day, and all of them have had successful mma careers

    the only one that id use would be mayhem miller the rest are either crap unknown or of no real intrest.

      lololol unknown- yeah, i guess Randy Couture, Ken and Frank Shamrock, and little old Dan Henderson aren't known at all... and their successful careers in MMA wouldn't make them interesting or skillful at all. but thankyou for your unknowledgeable input, you have brightened my day sir.

        fair enough i mean ken and frank shamrock are as washed up as you can get! randy couture is a great fighter but i dont have any interet in useing him because i dont like the wrestling style and dan henderson was in last years ufc game so i cant imagine that they would have done much to change him up! and mayhem is awsome beacause of his personality and his very entertaining fights i hope randy beats james tony and frank and ken need to stop fighting each other and just retire already they are washed up just like the president of the ufc dana white said! was that enough knowledge for u or do u wont more?

          no no, thats perfect. thats the right amount of clarity for a forum such as this. its just single adjectives seem a tad bleak and dont really give any real clue for your reasons. but i definately agree, Mayehm is awesome, very entertaining... and to take up a contrary position, i really like Couture's wrestling, i think his clinch is by far the best and is under-rated; both his skill and as a part of MMA.

          and just quietly, if i see Ken and Frank fight one more time i think i might throw up

            my bad i should have been more clear randy is awsome he is what 45-46? and still kicks ass i just find the wrestleing part off mma boring that doesnt mean to say it doesnt work i in just my opinion like watching the stand up part better than the ground game but yes his dirty boxing and his thai clinch are the best going around in mma.i would go into propper detail about the others but don wanna take up the whole page.

    I know of 10 of these fighters, each having various success. Hardly unknowns.

    hahaha they've reused half of their heavyweight roster to fill up the light heavy division. I bet half of these fihgters will get reused in the middleweight division.

    You guys have no true Knowledge of MMA and are just stuck on the UFC and Strike Force. You should look into Japanese MMA and stuff before you criticize this roster. It is really good for a first year roster.

    Needs more Dong Sik Yoon... I WANT DONGBAR MANHOEF DAMNIT!

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