Link, Dark Light, Zelda And So Many Questions

As seen on GoNintendo.


    There's more than one way to get a longshot.

    Why oh why does this look like it was MEANT to be a lesbian porno?

    Oh, Kotaku, why do you toy with my emotions today?!

    Personally I just find it a little disturbing... kinda like finding your brother and childhood best friend making out with your mother in your kitchen when you come home from college for Summer. I guess you could say like The Parent Trap if it was made by Roman Polanski.

      That last line is one of the best things I have ever read on the internet. Kudos, sir.


    Well, it's not meant to be a lesbian porno. We're all girls and love BOY'S LOVE - That's all what the shooting was about! <3 - Was very fun! ;)

    Izvinite na offtopic, ali veceras sam video meteor, bilo je cudesno...

    Sorry for off topic, but 2012 is close, is this really matter?

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