Live Action Tekken Vs Street Fighter Starts Weird, Gets Weirder

Namco gave Tekken and Street Fighter fans in Germany an unforgettable presentation at Gamescom this week in the form of a live-action match between fighting game characters Ryu and Kazuya Mishima... and a cross-dressing Chun-li.

That Chun-li turned out to be Street Fighter IV producer Yoshinori Ono, on hand to challenge his Namco Bandai-based rival and Tekken series producer Katsuhiro Harada. What happens next is too good to spoil and worth a good 15 minutes of your time, if only to see how skilled the other live action Chun-li who takes the stage is at kicking.

You'll laugh, you'll "WTF?" and you'll probably want to keep an eye peeled for future face-offs between Harada and Ono. It can only get kookier from here.


    Yeah the Tekken chick can't actually throw a punch but the Chun Li one can. Hooray I guess?

    I'm glad I stuck with it all the way through. The one playing Chun-Li really knows her shit.

    The costume designers must be budget price.
    They look fine, sure, but the gloves of Nina and (male) Chun Li's head buns came off easily.

    Also, live action spinning bird kick or gtfo.

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